2-Day Live Event with Jana Uselton and
the Home Staging & ReDesign Association
Leave with the Blueprint to gain Clarity in your business!
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2019 Summit 
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  • Day 1 Session 1 YEAR IN REVIEW A look into different Staging BusinessesResponsive
  • Day 1 Session 2 Transitioning from J.O.B to C.E.O
  • Day 1 Session 3 First Who then What Setting Up Your Team and Clients for Success
  • Day 1 Session 4 SEO Social Media and CE to Sales Marketing in the New Millennium
  • Day 1 Session 5 More than just Likes. Create a marketing Branding Blueprint
  • Day 2 Session 1 Dusty Dean LEADERSHIP TAKEAWAYS
  • Day 2 Session 2 2020 Slogan HIRE A STAGING PRO
  • Day 2 Session 3 Bigger Better Faster
  • Day 2 Session 5 Delivery Excellence CREATING SYSTEMS THAT WORK WITHOUT YOU
  • Day 2 Session 6 Brandon T Adams
Have you ever wondered how some Stagers are able to build six- and seven-figure Staging businesses that generate consistent leads and steady, dependable income?
It’s because they have the Staging Business Blueprint to scaling and running a team of highly-skilled Staging experts, talented sales and marketing experts, and warehouse management gurus. They’ve taken their passion for Design and helping people and turned it into a profitable, sustainable Staging enterprise.

It isn’t about working harder or doing more, it’s about doing the right things in the right order while implementing impactful strategies that accelerate your a shorter time frame, with less cost and effort.

Attend the Home Staging Summit 
— CLARITY 2020 — 
and leave with the proven strategies top Staging Professionals utilize 
to build successful Home Staging & ReDesign businesses.
You, your business, and your clients deserve the incredible knowledge 
you will gain during the conference. Join the scores of other Home Staging 
Summit attendees and share the Experience.

It's Your Turn!
What is the Home Staging Summit?
For the past 7 years, this exclusive event has brought together Stagers and Design Experts desiring to break through their current level of production so they can grow their business, leverage their time, and take their business, and personal life to a whole new level of successWhether you’re just getting your business off the ground or you have a Staging business that’s performing consistently — get ready to ELEVATE to a whole new level — this live event is for you and your team.
The Home Staging Summit is two days filled with actionable, proven, and tested strategies and ideas from Jana Uselton and the Home Staging and Redesign Association®.
You won’t find any tired, worn, or flawed 
Staging strategies at The Summit.
Instead, you have access to the incredible step-by-step blueprint Jana personally used to build her seven-figure Staging business in the greater DFW area. It’s also the same set of strategies, tips, and programs the members of her National Association — Home Staging and Redesign Association® — use in their markets around the country.
You’ll hear from more than thirty speakers from all areas of the Staging & ReDesign industry as they share their ideas…

...from the newest Staging strategies being used in the industry today to how and when to hire your first employee…

...from how to brand yourself as the go-to Staging expert in your marketplace to what it takes to get Real Estate Agents and Builders to call you…

...from how to become a star on social media to how to stock a warehouse for your Staging business from the ground up…

...and everything in between.

You will learn proven systems and processes that have been used by Jana Uselton, the Speakers in attendance, and the scores of successful Stagers in the Home Staging and Redesign Association®.
Take the battle tested and proven strategies with you and build a highly profitable Staging & ReDesign business.
Join Us at The Home Staging Summit!
For Stagers Who Are Ready to Turn their Passion for Home & Real Estate Design into a Profitable Business!
Why Should You Attend?
If your Staging business is anywhere short of where you want it to be, then you must attend the Home Staging Summit. Whether you’re in a small rut, a big hole, or you’re inches from being the true CEO of your company, the Home Staging Summit has something to help ELEVATE your business and team to the Next Level.
Only the best, strongest, brightest, and proven strategies that have traction in today’s Staging industry are going to be shared with you. Just one thing you learn — yes only one — could change your business and your life forever. 

Most importantly, you’ll walk away with the Blueprint to take your Staging business to the Next Level of success. You will learn how to do it faster, easier, and for way less money than if you had to figure it out on your own.

Imagine a Staging & ReDesign business with multiple appointments every day that come from people who seek you out, a strong company with consistent cash flow, a team of happy, talented experts, and you as the true CEO, running the best Staging business in your area.

Come to the Home Staging Summit and we will teach you how to make that dream a reality.
Jana Uselton
Now you’re ready to ELEVATE your experience for incredible growth and consistency in your Staging & ReDesign enterprise...
so join us at the Home Staging Summit!
Joseph Sipp
Systematic Home Staging
Altamonte Springs, FL
"I started my company at the age of 16 with no guidance on business ownership and obviously no experience with Home Staging. I was invited to the HSRA Summit by a fellow Staging Business Owner and immediately joined HSRA, and I can’t tell you how amazing Jana and the HSRA Team have been to the growth of my company. Just within 3 years, I have grown to a team of 17 employees, a 7000 sqft warehouse, and do around 500 stages a year! Theses numbers honestly wouldn’t be possible without the partnership with HSRA and if I had not attended that first Summit & if I had not continued to invest in attending Summit every year.
Joining a community that is focused on helping, teaching and making you feel like family is what HSRA does best!"

Here’s a Little Of What You Will Walk Away With To ELEVATE Your Business…
Your Staging Business Blueprint
Getting from one level to the next can be hard, especially if you don’t know where you are and if you don’t know what it takes to get to the next level.
You’ll also learn about the 9 Growth Stages you’ll experience on the journey from being a Seeker (Growth Stage 1) to creating long-term Wealth (Growth Stage 9).
Together, Jana and her panel of Expert Speakers will help you identify at which of the nine stages your business currently sits.
From there, they’ll give you everything you need to get from your current point in the journey to the next leg so you can continue to make incredible progress towards your ultimate goals.
As part of the process, you’ll learn:
  • How to SHIFT your FOCUS and your Business to ELEVATE to New Levels of Growth
  • ​How to Work through the Biggest Struggles facing Stagers in Today’s Market Environment
  • ​What it takes to Become the True CEO of your Business
  • ​How to Build an Incredible Staging team and Whom you should Hire First
  • ​How to Position yourself as the Go-To Staging Expert in your Marketplace
  • ​How to Stock and Manage a Warehouse for a Powerhouse Staging Business
  • ​What Mistakes to Avoid at every Stage of the 9 Growth Stage Journey
  • ​How to Brand yourself in your Marketplace
  • ​What it takes to Create an Amazing Social Media Presence
  • ​How to Capture more Luxury Staging Business
  • ​What are the Key Departments you must have in your Staging business as it Grows
  • ​The Keys to Creating Consistent Income for your Business
  • ​What Leadership Skills you’ll need to take your Business from its Current Growth Stage to the Next Growth Stage and Beyond
  • ​​How to be more efficient in the following Departments of your Business: Office, Sales, Marketing, Staging, Logistics, Inventory, and Warehouse
  • ​How to Create a Streamlined Referral and Repeat Business Pipeline
  • ​What Systems you need to have in Place to Run your Business like a Well-Oiled Machine
  • What an Exit Strategy looks like and how to Put it in Place Today a whole lot more!
After two days at the Home Staging Summit, you’ll head back to your new marketplace empowered and armed with everything you need to ELEVATE your Staging & ReDesign business in ways you’d never imagined.

More importantly, you will leave behind your fears and doubts as you’ll now be able to shatter any barrier — imagined or otherwise— and work confidently towards what’s truly possible for you.

The Home Staging Summit will help you conquer your limits and change how you think...turning your obstacles into opportunities.

Take action today and earn Continuing Education (CE) Credit while you are there.
We’re limiting the number of seats for this event to ensure that you get access to everything and everyone in attendance.
Jana and her team will help you put together a plan that will change the way you work your Staging business forever.
We can’t wait for you to us at the Home Staging Summit!
Here’s why you’re ready to join us at the Home Staging Summit in Dallas:

1. You’ve reached the ceiling for what you can handle right now. Something’s got to change so you can ELEVATE to the next level and enjoy life at the same time. You need the blueprint that takes you from your current stage of the Growth Journey to the next stage and beyond.

2. You are doing everything in your business, overwhelmed to the point that you’re either starting to become inefficient, or you’re already there. You need help and you’re ready to enjoy a much greater level of success.

3. You’re experiencing too many surprises (very few of them good) and you’re done with being blindsided and hitting an income ceiling, never making the kind of money you deserve, or having the impact you’re capable of having.

You Are Ready To…

1. Build a sustainable Staging & ReDesign company that provides consistent income for you, your family, and the members of your team.

2. Put yourself on the path to becoming the true CEO of your business, whereby if you want to work in the day to day or not, it’s your choice. Your business makes money whether you are there or not.

3. Have a streamlined operation that runs smoothly, generates leads effortlessly, Stages homes effectively, and makes profits consistently.

4. Simplify your business and implement legitimate sales and operation strategies that lead to higher-dollar sales, better relationships with clients, and overall, significantly better results.

"The HSRA Summit is my favorite industry event. There is so much knowledge and in-depth sharing. This is clearly the organization that focuses first and foremost on the business aspect of a staging business. I have learned so much that I can immediately implement in my business and I know this will set me apart as an industry professional."

The Home Staging Summit is the best of its kind. It will change your business and life forever!
Jana Uselton


As the owner of one of the largest and most successful Staging businesses in the country (6,000 homes and counting), 

Jana pulls from her knowledge, challenges, and successes to train others who desire to be the best of the best. 

Jana is teamed with top experts throughout the country. Together, they are changing and improving the industry. 

Jana is a National Speaker, Author, and Business Coach and loves to help others on their journey. 
Just a few of our 2020 Summit Speakers!
Hear From Some of Our Previous Attendees...

"The Summit was Next Level! So much amazing content, great key note speaker, so much learning and sharing. I loved the collaboration!"

"I loved all the support from everyone! I love the idea you promote of us stagers being colleagues not competitors!"

"The atmosphere at the HSRA SUMMIT excuted hope, enthusiasm and a dynamic focus on education. These are my passions. I am so grateful to be part of this energy and forward thinking way of equipping our industry."

"Attending the HSRA Summit really gives you in depth business advice from some of the top stagers nationwide - they simply get down to the nuts and bolts of how they run their staging business from what works for them. The speakers provide helpful insight of the practices they use to be a successful home staging business which is truly inspiring and definitely noteworthy. Any professional home stager who attends this event will be motivated to either start their business right away and/or improve upon it and take it to the next level with the HSRA team to support them every step of the way!"

"The HSRA Summit provides professional stagers with an invaluable opportunity for networking, inspiration, and business growth."

"OMG Best Summit ever. Every single speaker had so much value to bring, no time was wasted. Summit spoke to the whole person as far as personal, spiritual and professional. Seriously so many take aways...I have spent 2 days writing out my goals and to dos to elevate my company and my team to the next level!!!"

"The 2019 HSRA Summit was the best one ever! It was incredible. I left filled with ideas and strategies to take my business to a whole new level,. HSRA is an incredible association and has helped my business so much. I've made some of the most real and geniune friends along the way as well. I am so grateful!"

"The knowledge and expertise shared through HSRA summit and events is in direct relation to the growth of my business. Without the team spirit and sharing of learned behaviors that affect positive change from those who have gone before, it would have taken an extensively longer amount of time to build to the level we are today!"

"I attended both the 2019 HSRA Summit and Mastermind. As the business owner, I found great value and quality in the tools I gained during this meeting. I'm going to be a busy girl implementing just about everything I learned! An added bonus is the relationship building. We are friends, colleagues, caretakers. This was a sharing and heart-warming experience. Thank you so much!"

"The Summit was extremely informative but also made everyone they were a part of the HSRA family."

"Second summit and better than the last. The last was unbelievable."

"Elevate is exactly what is going to happen to me and my business with all the great information I took away from the Summit. It was one of the absolute best ever!!!"

"The HSRA Summit is my favorite industry event. There is so much knowledge and in-depth sharing. This is clearly the organization that focuses first and foremost on the business aspect of a staging business. I have learned so much that I can immediately implement in my business and I know this will set me apart as an industry professional."

"The Summit is extremely helpful in meeting other business owners and their team members. The information exchange outside the meetings is as important and what we learn in the sessions. And we learn a GREAT deal. Wonderful and educational, if you are a home stager and want to become a professional home stager, this event, along with HSRA membership, are a MUST!"

"I feel that attending the HSRA Event each year is not even an option but essential to the growth and advancement of my business plan as a business owner. Every time I attend I get more inspired to implement new strategies and processes. Every time I attend I seem to feel that even though I have been in business for 8 plus years I am still a mess and the weak spots are exposed that need improvement! Thank you HSRA for being so real to us all! Couldn't have done this without you."

"This event has more than Elevated my business. It allowed me to be filled up personally, challenged me to take time for myself, to carve margin into the schedule, to prioritize family, and gave me action items to implement right away. It’s an event that challenges business owners to be others focused, to build a team, and create a company that runs itself. So thankful for HSRA and it’s leadership. Everyone is family."

The Home Staging Summit Event Schedule TBD
Event Schedule so you can plan your travel:

Thursday, November 5th, 2020, 12pm-3pm 


Want to pick the brains of the HSRA Leadership Team? Here’s your chance. Get one-on-one face time with the icons of our Association in an intimate setting. Ask them whatever you want to gain insight, advice and wisdom. Come join us, and make a new friend. 


Friday, November 6th from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.


The conference begins on Friday, November 6th at 8:30am in the Main Ballroom.

Friday, November 6th 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Main Ballroom

Saturday, November 7th 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Main Ballroom

The Home Staging Summit is 
a one-of-a-kind, 
Life-Changing Event 
for Stagers Who’s Ready 
to GAIN CLARITY in their business!
Become a Member Today!
What This Package Includes:
  • November 6-7 Admission to the Dallas National Home Staging Summit
  • ​Home Staging Summit Breakout Sessions for you and your team
But, Wait there is MORE!
Free Bonus: Home Staging by the Book
In Home Staging by the Book, Jana Uselton, clearly defines and explains Home Staging as successfully merchandising homes to sell quickly and for top dollar. She discusses the 4P’s, Staging misconceptions, and why Home Staging is effective in selling properties. 
In this book, you'll learn:
  •  The Home Staging Industry: Beginning to Now
  • ​The 4 P's 
  • ​Misconceptions & Objects 
  • ​Understanding the Home's Style 
  • ​Top Home Staging Services
  • ​Home Staging Concepts & Principles
Here's More of What Our Folks Have to Say...
I think that HSRA is one of the best associations to be a member. You get more of a one-on-one family experience with HSRA. I’ve got other memberships, but this one is a close-knit group. In some of the other groups, you’re in the room with hundreds of people. With HSRA, you’re in a smaller group. You’re able to identify, network, and learn from individual people instead of being in a huge room with masses of people you’re not interested in talking to. HSRA shows a real appreciation for every member. For every guest that comes in to one of our events, we’re going to make sure that you leave with a full experience and a full plate of knowledge.
Jonathan Miller, Jsquared Interior Staging & Design
Richmond, Virginia

Every single session I was able to take away at least one major action item. And for me, any time I can take away at least three things I can implement to make my business better, then the event was all worth it for me.
Barbara Heil-SonneckDesign 2 Sell
Smyrna, GA

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Home Staging Summit
  • November 6-7 Admission to the Dallas National Home Staging Summit
  • Home Staging Summit Breakout Sessions for you and your team
  • November 5 Model My Home Warehouse Tour + Q&A
  • November 6-7 Admission to the Dallas National Home Staging Summit
  • Home Staging Summit Breakout Sessions for you and your team
Want To Do A Pay Plan?
Home Staging Summit
for 3 months
  • November 6-7 Admission to the Dallas National Home Staging Summit
  • Home Staging Summit Breakout Sessions for you and your team
for 3 months
  • November 5 Model My Home Warehouse Tour + Q&A
  • November 6-7 Admission to the Dallas National Home Staging Summit
  • Home Staging Summit Breakout Sessions for you and your team
Our Home Staging Summit® Event Guarantee
Register for the Home Staging Summit® at no risk. We’re 100% confident you’ll learn a number of incredible tips, tricks, and strategies to ELEVATE your life and your business from your two days at the Home Staging Summit®. Enjoy the event. Take in a full day of sessions. Ask a lot of questions. By the end of the first day, if you feel we have not delivered what we promised, just turn in your materials, exit the event, and we will provide a 100% refund of your registration fee within 21 days. If you are unable to attend and do not wish to transfer your ticket to someone else, we will apply your enrollment towards a nine-month membership with the Home Staging & Redesign Association®. All ticket purchases are non-refundable; however, unused tickets can be credited towards memberships and live events with Model My Home and the Home Staging & Redesign Association® for up to 18 months from your purchase.
Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about registration, valuable sponsorship, and membership opportunities. The Home Staging Summit is a one-of-a-kind event and it will change your life not only this year, but for years to come. We’re certain you’ll want to come back every year. If you are interested in incredible exposure opportunities to your target market, please contact us for sponsorship opportunities today.
We Look Forward to Seeing you in Dallas!
Legal Disclaimer: Your commitment is essential to your business success. Materials from the event are reserved exclusively for those who attend live and will not be provided to those who do not attend. All registrations are final. By completing this order, you agree to all Terms and Conditions associated with this purchase. Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. 
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