The Devil is in the Details: Properly Managing Client Expectations in Home Staging and Design

At our 10th Annual Summit that is quickly approaching November 11 - 12. We have quite a roster of topics to unpack. As any experienced Stager or Designer knows, details are everything!

Properly managing client expectations is essential to ensuring a successful project. Staging and Design are all about creating a certain look and feel, and this requires careful planning & execution. Every detail must be taken into account, from the furniture and decor to the lighting and spacing. Of course, the budget must be considered as well. It's essential to be clear from the start about what can and cannot be achieved within their budget. By properly managing expectations, you can avoid potential problems down.

You do not want to miss Dawn Tucker, Paige Freeman, and Sueann Badillo digging deep into this topic.

These successful Staging & Design business owners have the secret sauce to all the details.

For more information on The Summit:

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