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Staging Perspectives

Oftentimes in Staging, we only think about what we see as we walk through. We try to visualize what the buyer will see as they walk through. One thing we need to remember is that most clients see the home through the photograph first. Are you Staging through the lens?

One of the most important things to remember is to hire a professional photographer! Yes, you do have a great camera on your phone but I am here to tell you -- don't do it! By developing a relationship with a photographer -- you are only enhancing your business and the potential home buyer's experience. I highly suggest walking through your design and explaining your vision of what you want the buyers to see. You will not regret this!

Lastly, remember that using items that hold pattern and/or larger-scale items are an absolute must. I often see decor pieces that are on an item that is not proportionate to one another. As Designers, we already know to look for this -- but think about how it will photograph. Go with the old saying in almost every case "Go Big or Go Home". Paying attention to how your homes are photographed will only enhance the overall look as you're looking through a different perspective you may not have once thought about.

Happy Staging,

-Dawn Tucker

Are you a Stager or Designer and looking for some insight? Book a complimentary call with Dawn Tucker. As a former Staging & Design business owner, she now is HSRA's Business Developer. Dawn has a passion & calling for helping others and the unique ability to quickly connect and identify what steps need to be taken.

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