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Mission Impossible? Not if Hollie Kitchens has something to say about it. 2022 Summit Speaker!

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Hollie is an entrepreneur who has been making waves with her own brand of branding and public relations for years now - over 80 million GIPHY views on YouTube alone! The way that people are taking notice though isn't just from listening or watching videos; it was helping others build their brands too which led her down another path entirely: becoming recognized as one internationally chartered podcast host (with more than 1 thousand clients) while also coaching many unknown entrepreneurs through all aspects of establishing authority online so they can expand into new markets without fear. Hollie is a breath of fresh air, and you will definitely be inspired.

“To inspire people to let go of limiting beliefs so that they can unleash their inner legend and live the life they were intended to.” - Hollie Kitchens

Click here for more information on The Summit:

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