Meet Jedidiah Wick - 2022 10th Annual Summit Speaker

Updated: Oct 4

Jedidiah Wick is the owner and operator of the ID7 Group, a brokerage of collaboration that facilitates the transformation of houses from acquisition to new ownership.

Jedidiah’s journey into the world of Real Estate began in his youth when he entered the workforce through construction, helping build log homes in his hometown of Talkeetna, Alaska. He began his career flipping houses as a hired contractor for a Real Estate Investment firm in 2008 due to his extensive background in construction. In the following years, Jedidiah fell in love with the rehab side of Investing, and in 2017 he was

recruited to join the top-performing Real Estate team for a nationally branded network.

Jedidiah is an artist at heart but a visionary and strategist at his core. Through the years he has learned to marry his experience in construction to his eye for Design and has been unusually successful in monetizing the hidden potential in dilapidated houses. His winning investment strategies have allowed him to see beyond the limitations of neglected structures and bring the diamond in the rough to the forefront. He is passionate about teaching others to see the profit potential in homes that other investors typically do not recognize.

Jedidiah is also deeply committed to helping families understand the ease of the Real Estate market in order to create legacy-impacting income streams to break cycles of generational poverty. He has become an expert in residential property analysis and acquisition and is committed to always learning.

He and his wife Pauline own multiple investment properties and currently reside in Burleson, Texas.

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