Leaving A Legacy & Making It Rain: Chris Linger & Maricela Soberanes

It’s a known fact that owning real estate can be one of the best passive investment vehicles for the common person. More specifically, apartment buildings and commercial real estate. However, it also comes with an incredible amount of complexities in trying to acquire such assets and we’ve found that to be the reason most beginner investors shy away from pursuing these investment opportunities.

Up Plex Multifamily Investments is a private equity firm designed to make it more attainable for investors to invest in these incredible wealth-building assets with confidence. Our partners get to leverage our time, network, and decades of experience to create peace of mind with every investment they make with us.

Christopher Linger and Maricela Soberanes are principals at Up Plex. They are accredited Real estate investors who have been Investing in real estate since 2006. Like many of their investors, they started with a small rental portfolio. They slowly built a personal portfolio valued at 4.5M and started the disposing [selling] process in 2020 to transition into larger Commercial Real Estate/apartment syndications.

They passively Invested in nine multifamily syndications across five states before they became general partners in four syndications or 1200+ apartments. Currently, they have over 130M multifamily portfolios under management as general partners (GP).

Maricela has a business degree and a successful medical service business since 2015. Chris Linger has an MBA, twenty-seven years of active-duty Navy services (ret), now a full-time apartment syndicator. As serial entrepreneurs, they own and operate a 100% veteran-owned company focused on real estate asset management, equity raising, and private money lending. In addition, they successfully Joint Ventured with other specialized partners to acquire self-storage facilities and mobile home parks valued at over five million dollars.

We are honored to have Maricela & Chris at our 10th Annual Summit. You're going to absolutely love them!

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