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How to build wealth through Short-Term Rentals! 2022 Summit Speaker: Meron Gashu

Meron Gashu is a Small Business Consultant focusing on the areas of STRs, Business Credit, and Accounting Services. Meron earned a degree in finance and accounting but has recently ventured into Real Estate full-time.

Meron has been a licensed Realtor since 2018 but recently focused her efforts on helping individuals create wealth through building a Short-Term Rental portfolio. She also helps individuals establish business credit to help them scale in real estate as well as manage their books through bookkeeping. In addition to that, Meron is an event planner who hosts events such as Clubhouse Live, where she shares her passion for building community and providing resources and a network for individuals looking to change their lives.

HSRA is beyond excited to have Meron be one of our special guest speakers at our upcoming 10th Annual Summit in November. You will not want to miss this!

Click here for more information on The Summit:

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