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Gratitude - There's always a reason! - Jill Johnson

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

This year has been an eventful one for us all. Personally, I experienced a life-changing blessing in June. That little blessing has taught me more about giving back and being selfless than anything I have ever experienced.


This time of year is always very reflective. I'm sure most would agree that you feel starting 2023 correctly is important.

Take a moment to look back at 2022 and recognize all of the ways you were able to give back to your community, your Staging community, your church, your family, your friends, etc.

When we give of ourselves it doesn't always have to be a huge gesture. Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact.

  • Volunteer your time to a local charity or organization.

This can be such a fun time with your staff. Not only is it a great bonding moment, but it also is a moment where you will make some of the greatest memories. A company that volunteers together, stays together!

  • Donate items you no longer need to a thrift store or shelter

I am sure many of you are currently doing this. The Salvation Army is one of those “you can’t go wrong with this” type of organizations, but also be on the lookout for local shelters that you could donate to as well.

  • Pay it forward by buying someone's coffee or doing a random act of kindness

This one is more personal rather than company and team related. When you are headed into the office and getting your daily Starbucks (or Dunkin’), pay for the person behind you. These small gestures can make someone’s day and they definitely won’t forget it.

  • Write a positive review for a local business or service

Whether this is for your vendors or a Realtor you have worked with, positive reviews will always make someone’s day. A lot of the time acknowledgment is all that someone needs!

  • Send a handwritten note to someone you appreciate

Paper is not dead! Since this type of gesture is not done very much anymore, it makes it even more special to receive a letter in the mail or just write a sweet note to your coworker and set it on their desk.

Whatever way you decide to give back, do it from the heart and with the intention of making someone else's life just a little bit better. Sometimes the smallest gestures are all that is needed. I guarantee you'll feel good too!

Tis' the Season,


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