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Don't let your success become your setback!

With the new year on the horizon, it’s time to level yourself up. It is time for new approaches and new tactics. Though it is joyous, winning does not last forever. Sooner or later, the trophy presentations end and it's time to return to normalcy. Why are lengthy winning streaks so uncommon? Every great team has had a post-victory slump. It makes us believe we've made it and there is nothing else left to accomplish. Unfortunately, this mindset is also the most significant roadblock between us and our future success.

Three key things to consider...

1. You win some, you lose some

Serena Williams was the best-ranked woman tennis player in 2010, but she didn't play well in 2011 due to an injury. By 2012, she had lost to a low-ranked player at the French Open. After Williams reworked her technique with the help of a new coach, she managed to win all four Grand Slam titles in 2015. She effectively unlearned how to be a tennis champion and relearned what it took to be successful. Her story highlights an important lesson for anyone looking to build their own dynasty.

Modifying your old methods is scary, but it's necessary to stay ahead of the curve. In today's rapidly changing world, what worked last year might not work anymore. You need to be constantly learning new things and willing to change if you want to succeed.

It's time to move on from your past victories

Why is it troublesome to maintain new habits? Your mind reverts back to old thought patterns, even when you're in a different situation - what used to work won't cut it anymore. You need to be flexible and adjust to the current moment - not rely on tactics from the past. Our past victories can hold us back. Remember to be humble and accept that change is difficult, but so worth it in the end. Be brave enough to do something even if it's outside of your comfort zone- that's when growth occurs. Your brain will always try resisting new things because it views them as scary and unfamiliar. However, don't give up too easily! With time and effort, you'll get used to the change and might even find you like it better than before.

Baby steps add up

Would you believe me if I told you that, in just six months, you could go from never running to being able to run a marathon? Thousands of people have done this successfully with the help of an app. But how is this possible? The developers behind the app understand the important truth that small steps each day can lead to big accomplishments. That’s why they start the training plan with a 10-minute walk.

You can create real change in your business by following these steps: start with a measurable goal, make a plan to reach it, break the plan into small pieces starting with the simplest task, write down every idea you have for achieving your goal without censoring any of them, and finally choose one idea to act upon.

Every decision you make shows how you are doing. This can help you even when it does not seem like it. If something does not work out, it is a chance to learn what does not work and try something different next time.

This coming year is going to require us to completely reimagine how we do things, but it is going to be the best yet!

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