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Concept Board vs. Rendering

As Stager and Designers, we often find ourselves wondering which program is better and cost-effective for our business and most importantly our clients. What software programs do you use for your business? How user-friendly are they? And how often do you need or use them in your day-to-day work? I'd love to know your thoughts on this.

As a Stager, I never had a use for either of these, but I began practicing immediately because something in my gut told me I would be expanding to Design! Staging is a world on its own but at any moment can definitely open doors to Design. When I decided to enter the world of Decorating/Styling and Design in my business, I knew that it would require an open mind and some financial investment.

Eventually, you'll find the program that works best for both you and your company. I enjoyed creating concept boards in PowerPoint & Canva, but I did not have experience in 2D and 3D renderings so I outsourced these when needed to my son-in-law who was an expert in Auto CAD.

Here are just a few ideas of how I matched a design board client vs rendering and some actual pictures of my boards/renderings:

Client A: I need a home staged by X date for my listing

Need: This Client needs a full Stage no boards or renderings are needed

Response: Absolutely, here are my price points and/or packages. Let’s get this home sold for top dollar!!

Client B: I really want to hire you to help with some decorating and/or purchasing of some products. I just don’t have the vision to complete this project.

Need: This client needs a concept/Design board

Response: Absolutely, I can create a concept board showing you all the items you need to pull your room together. I can even purchase these items at my cost and save you money!

Client C: I have this room and see studs; I cannot imagine what this would look like at all. I know I want A/B/C. HELP!

Need: This client needs a full rendering – maybe even starting with a concept board depending on the project.

Response: Absolutely, I can already see how amazing this space is going to look with the ideas you have given me. I want you to allow my team and me to show you the potential of this space!

-Dawn Tucker

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