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Authenticity is Your Power: Meet Barbara Heil-Sonneck - 2022 Summit Speaker!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Say hello to Barbara who is the owner of Design 2 Sell located in Detroit Lakes, Michigan.

Barbara has diverse business experience working internationally in Fortune 500 and small companies, entrepreneurship, real estate investing, design, and love for travel to create together with her team, a powerhouse partnership for Top Real Estate Producers.

Barbara is driven to increase the perceived value of every property she touches. Over the last 15 years, she has developed a proven system that will result in measurable and marketable results and the highest ROI (Return of Investment) for our clients. Barbara and her team have been called the “secret weapon” and “the closer” on many deals.

Barbara has held leadership positions at industry associations and is actively serving on the Board of Advisors for HSRA. She masterminds the nation’s best staging and design companies and loves sharing her learnings and best practices as a business owner. Her viewpoints on leadership with authenticity and vibration, small business-team, and delegation, have made her a valuable resource for media, events, podcasts, and expert panels.

Her newest venture is getting her back to her beginnings in the real estate game by investing in short-term rentals and other real estate ventures.

HSRA is beyond excited to have Barbara be one of our hand-selected guest speakers at our upcoming 10th Annual Summit in November. You will not want to miss this!

Click here for more information on The Summit:

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